Sunday, May 20, 2007

Launch of The Geothermal Energy Blog

The Geothermal Energy Blog is devoted to the documentation of key monographic literature relating to all aspects of geothermal energy, most notably its nature, applications, and technologies. It is focused on non-technical issues as well.

The Geothermal Energy Blog was formally established on May 20 2007


Chris Olson said...


Well, I know you said this blog was devoted to the key literature, but I thought visitors might like to see the "literature" in action. My husband and I had a geothermal system installed with our new home last year (2006). We live on the Chesapeake Bay and the wind in the winter can be brutal and the heat in the summer can be wicked. Our system works great. Here are photos of the geothermal system being installed during the building of our new home.

The company who did the installation, GroundLoop, also has information on their site. For anyone interested.

Chris Olson
Chris Olson & Associates

Gerry said...


Thanks for your interest in TGEB!

I appreciate your comment; it is exactly the kind of contribution I had hoped would be made.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I just have a quick question, I guess this pertains to horizontal loop but I was wondering if trees can be planted over the loops systems either vertical or horizontal. Please let me know./
Thank you